He ate my heart... He is a Monster

We are exactly 12 hours away from 2010. You might wonder why Im so excited... but I truly cant explain why. The happiness is in my heart, is in my blood... This year might be the beggining of something. But dont get me wrong, 2009 brought to me a lot of great things... as I said before and I constantly repeat, a boy broke my heart, but in 2010 I wont allow that to happen 'cuz as hard as Its to believe for the people who knows me... I have changed. No strings attached.. nothing its worth the pain. Well... just ONE guy is worth the pain. So I can totally say that he will always have my heart, but that doesnt mean I cant have fun with other boys. Cuz at the end of the day thats what life is about... about taking advantage of the oportunities this BEAUTIFUL LIFE brings you. Lets make this 2010 a success... a year so magic that people would think we are made of PIXIE DUST. Lets keep dreaming, keep fucking, keep dancing, keep GAGAing, keep rocking, keep possing, keep drinking and above ALL... keep loving.