According to the BIBLE...

This is the new segment of sohotsome! I will be posting things that calls my eye from the web page of the bibles around the world (VOGUE MAG!). The first thing I found interesting was that VOGUE is including something really LATINO and etnical to the must-have list: Bolivian Blankets.
Editor Mark Holgate says, and I quote "The trick is the use of a great upholsterer to transform the heavy blankets (many of which were originally ponchos, now with the central opening sewn closed) into upholstery fabric. They would work equally well paired with a more modern blond-wood Scandinavian-style piece or just simply tossed as a throw on a sofa or a blanket on the end of a bed."
There you go, if you are planning to redecorate your lovely home, include some etnical items from your native country or get a look-like-a-poncho fabric to cover your furniture! It looks great and you will be helping the natives! Nobody loose!