from the 80's with love

This morning I woke up with the urge of listening to Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses. I just wanted to feel the rush in the melody of "Sweet Child O´Mine" and "Run away", to feel the voice of Axl Rose and the explendid solos from Slash. Perfect way to start the morning.
Then I started thinking about the fashion. I mean, this two guys use to drive girls crazy and made all the boys in the 80's dress like them! I mean... everybody use to wear the hair like Jon Bon Jovi, no matter if you were a boy of a girl. It is crazy how people wore this really thight leather pants with no shirt and a hair bandana, just to look like Mrs. Rose.
This can show us the way idols really make an influence in others lifestyle and way of dressing. I mean, this didn't start with the Jonas Brother, it began really early with Idols like Rose and Bon Jovi among others. Today I'm really not in the mood of writing, but this blog is my baby so I have to keep him save.

80's fashion style:
Scarfs, leather pantas, a lot of jewelry, long chains, high boots, big t-shirts, bandanas, bright colors, a lot of AquaNet and among all... a lot of attitude!