March 21

This blog is not just about fashion... its about my life.. thats why all the post are about fashion.. cuz fashion is my life!! OK!! I think you get it.
Today it was my birthday. It is a very important day to me cuz its the only day I focus 100% in myself. I mean... I never do the same thing twice and this year I decided to take my friends to the most special thing for me: Photoshoots. When someone grabs a camera and decide to take me a picture I feel like everything is on the right place and the right time cuz its about immortalizing a moment, a feeling, a look and ME. I can relate this feeling with the one people like my great friend Carlos Aparicio feels when he gets the chance of inmortalice a moment. The only diference is that I feel it in the other side of the lense.

Theres is this guy, Faisal Alberto Tisnes doesnt even know me, and I really dont know him but I know his pictures and in some way I feel that is like knowing a part of his soul and the most important part of him. I will love to meet him in person and being able to tel him how good he is.

I dont take really great shots but believe I admire so much.. SO MUCH the people that dare to do something different with photography... I respect them so much. And this leads me to the main part of this...The man I consider is the love of my life... Ricardo Salomon Zander. He was my photographer today and he did the most amazing job. He make me look so sexy and happy in the pictures. He knew exactly what to tell me and exactly what how to direct me! I just adore him... he is so special to me...and the most beautiful part is that he has NO IDEA. Thats the charm of the entire thing. In this 17 years I want mostly to thank Jason Mraz for being my inspiration and my light in the most dark times. You are my life Jason.

I am now a 17 year old girl.. who loves fashion more than anything and its so grateful of being able to pose in front of all this beautiful people lenses and its so greatful of having them in her life. Thanks to all my friends and thanks to all the people that ever said something nice to pick me up. Tons of love and fashion.