Pixeladas de amor

This is like a chain of really great meetings. First I met Dalys, and thru her I met the sweetest girl on earth. Someone so special that is so SO hard to find another like her and that is because she is one of a kind. This girl is SO PRETTY and at the same time so humble, straight and lovely. The quality I most admire of her is that whenever I'm down, she find the right ways and words to pick me up. She is always full of light and really good vibe and she is not, she will never let you know, cuz that's how good she is. She is the owner of this really creative and small (not for long) company that makes the most gorgeous and full of love hand-made accesories. The name of the company is Pixel and with every single earring, headband or ring she is giving you a piece of her soul and trust me... that's priceless.
Carla Calvo

 por Dalys Garcia Photography

I love you so much Carli and I'm also greatfull to have a person like you, so full of life, as a best friend!
Pixel as a store in the biggest fashion capitals of the world.. COOMING SOON!