Chopard Animal World Jewelry Collection

This is Art!
We are so used to celebrities rocking Chopard on the red carpets, I mean, if you are a real starlett they will borrow you some pieces for the Academy Awards, because they are too expensive for even you to buy them, because it's just one night... RIGHT?
Anyway... Chopard is now launching this AMAZING, fierce, exquisite, elaborate, and luxurious jewelry and watches collection that will blow everybody's mind!
Unexpected materials were brought together for this collection: pearl, moonstones, kunzites, quartz, Paraiba tourmalines, red gold (that one is new for me!), titanium and precious woods. If you can afford this, you should totally buy at least a piece. It's totally worth it!


PS. I can give my live and soul for the Frog Ring in the third picture!