The gorgeous Coco Rocha posses for Flair Mag April 2010 issue. Coco, like always, is looking great!! really sexy, confident and fierce. We need to remember that Coco, recently gave amazing and really powefull statements about models lookd and weight. The problem was that designers didnt wanted to work with Coco because she was to "fat" (come to Panama and I will tell you what fat is!!). She is such a smart girl and defended all those models who refuse to get too skinny for the runways. GOOD FOR YOU GIRL!
In this shoot, femine and chic Marchesa gown is opposed to torn piece from Rodarte collection as much as a white angel-like outfit is contrasted to a tempting scarlet-red frock. Alexander McQueen's creation peaks those all.
Coco is such and Icon and I really love her! She is amazing and gorgeous! I really hope that designers still consider her for their runways because her catwalk it's just... not of this planet.
No one like her people, open your eyes!
I wish you the best Coco and good luck with the wedding!