Who is Diego Bowie?

This question has been asked to me by my mother, boyfriend, closest friends, and jealous-slash-mean bitches since the day I posted a picture with him in Casco Antiguo.

Everybody was so anxious to know who this individual was, and it was my duty, as a friend and personal admirer, to let them know that it wasn't a drag queen or some crazy, overly eccentric person 
obsessed with attention.
He is simply Diego Bowie.
Diego Bowie is simply he.
He hath blessed us by being Diego Bowie.
There's no need for further explanation. 

Those inquiring about who he was always seems to construct elaborate answers to their own question, but the reality is that Diego Bowie is just Diego Bowie. 
I think of Lady Gaga as the perfect mirror to look at his persona.
All of those lace pieces and leather straps and extravagant makeup are not just to cover up some crippled form of her real self, that happens to be THE real Gaga. 
On or off stage.
Diego Bowie is Diego Bowie, day and night, on or off.

I met him through Twitter at a time when I was trying to network to individuals more like myself.
Not just interested in fashion, but with a mind of their own... Whether it was filled with mainstream thoughts or unrealistic ideas of living, I was craving for someone like Diego, and three years later,
 I can bet my life to the fact that no matter what, I will always be grateful for his influence on my conception of freedom.
I found my freedom fighting on my own, but Diego was one of the biggest inspirations.
I will never stop thanking you. 

Through Diego, I also happened to meet some more amazing individuals.
One of them is Sarah Tyler, the lady who interviewed him and took these light-soaked photographs.
There is soul in these pictures and claro, Diego's own version of grace is also present. 

And I thank Sarah for helping the world see the real Bowie. 
The one and only Diego Bowie. 


What's your name?
My name is Diego Bowie.

Your age?
I'm 20 years old

 What are your current projects//ongoings?
I'm currently putting together a crazy rock party in Panama called Glamaták, and I'm preparing a performance installation to take to Miami Performance Festival.

I don't mean to be too personal but ... who IS Diego Bowie?
Diego Bowie is me. People always ask if it's a character or an alter ego, but it's me, the one you have in front of you, the performance artist and crazy individual.

When did performance art become something conscious, something conscious that you wanted to pursue? Did the urge kindle when you were a young lad?
Performance art came to me after a long process of training in the visual arts and theatre. I didn't find myself in any of those two, but when you mix the esthetics of the visual arts with the consciousness of theatre, you get performance art in its purest form. When I discovered the beauty of being able to speak with my body, with my ideas and with time and space, I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It's an intricate passion that is meant to be.

Site your influences and why, if you have them?
I could say that my artistic inspiration comes from Marina Abramovic, Regina Jose Galindo and many other excellent performance artists; but what has influenced my work is the wonder of human behaviour, people I've been able to meet that I will never forget, superficial women who are introuble, the culture of the people in Panama and the way they react to every day situations: that inspires me to explore new things and portray them.

Read anything remarkable lately, see anything that completely changed your visual paradigm?
Everytime I read something about the digital improvements I change my visual paradigm of the world. I see the world differently everyday.

What is Glamatak? And why did you start it?
Glamaták is a platform for the alternative scene in Panama. I want to create a safe haven for people who are secure about themselves but don't know where to develop their quality time: Glamaták brings good music and shameless behaviour to the table.

When's the launch party and where?
The launch party is on July the 12th, at El Sótano.

Words of advice to yourself?
I always tell myself to live with my eyes wide open; and when in doubt, I just ask myself "what would Ivy [Queen] do?"

Images and Interview
Miss Awesome aka Sarah Tyler

Mariery Young